IQRA Journal of Business & Management – IQRA Journal of Business & Management


VOLUME-3 Issue II, 2019

The Impact of Leadership Style on Bank Manager’s Performance through Moderating Role of Motivation (PDF)
Zaighum Abbas, Hassan Riaz, Muhammad Idrees Bhutta, Raza Ahmed Khan

Organization Justice and Its Impact on Organization Commitment through Perceived organizational support (PDF)
Mr. Waqar Hussain , Zeeshan Ibrahim , Sana Malaika Noor

Impact of Various Advertising Appeals on Consumer’s Purchase Intention (PDF)
Saqib Ur Rehman , Adil Adnan, Mr. Raza Ahmed Khan , Dr. Muhammad Faheem jan

Mediating role of Moral Attentiveness in the relationship between Whistle Blowing Intentions and
Ethical Leadership
Zohaib Ali, Amna Ali, Azmat Ali Shah, Waseem Khan, Adil Adnan

VOLUME-3 Issue I, 2019

Employee Involvement And Greenorganizational Performance (PDF)
Sanober Tariq, Amna Ali, Dr. Muhammad Farooq Jan , Dr. Muhammad Faheem Jan

The Effects Of Organizational Justice On Employee Performance In The Healthcare Sector Of Pakistan: A Smart Pls-Based Study (PDF)
Muhammad Tahir, Raza Ahmed Khan , Zakir Rahim

Health care consultants “gynecologists” prescriptions preferances for Multi-national and national brands in pharma industries; a case study Of peshawar, kp* (PDF)
Shafaat Ullah , Dr. Syed Asim Shah , Muhammad Faheem Jan, Adil Adnan, Amna Ali

The influence of organizational justice on employee organizational Commitment in the information technology sector, pakistan (PDF)
Muhammad Tahir , Raza Ahmed Khan , Zakir Rahim